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LISTEN TO THE GUNS N’ GRAVES THEME SONG WHILE READING!     John’s reaction should have been to scream and kick and try to get the hand to let him go.  Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was genius, maybe … Continue reading

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The horse kept its distance from the hand.  This told John that it could’t have been good news.  The horse stopped a few feet from it and relaxed its body as if saying ‘get off and go find out’.   John … Continue reading

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As John turned, his thumb went for the hammer of the gun as his finger went for the trigger.  In his mind he knew if he were in any real danger, a bullet would have already left the gun.  Instead, … Continue reading

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John cursed at the card and spat at it.  Tiny black spots hit the card and then faded as if they were absorbed into the card.  He stuck his tongue into the space between his gum and cheek and a … Continue reading

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To some, he was a gunslinger. To others, a cowboy. To a few, a bum. But to himself, he was a man with thoughts and a card. John kept the card in his breast pocket in front of his heart. … Continue reading

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Guns n’ Graves Theme

Theme song to the serialized story Guns n' Graves. (

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