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John fell asleep. That much he remebered. He felt his eyes bulging. They were dry, worn, and desperate. He tried to distract himself from being tired by counting the eyes looking at him. He got to twenty eight and then everything started to blur. Then… he was gone.
John felt a puff of air on his face. He opened his eyes as his thumb pulled the hammer back on the gun. This time, he didn’t shoot. He looked first.
“You’re lucky,” John said to Mystery.
The horse didn’t look happy.
“What’s wrong?”
Mystery was still.
John blinked a few times and got his focus. He saw the eyes… all of them. There was zombies surrounding him. There weren’t as many eyes as the night had shown, but there was at least a dozen living dead creatures standing in a cirlce, all staring at John.
John stretched his fingers and mentally prepared for the fight that was sure to happen. He put his head back and it hit something. He looked back and saw he was resting against a gravestone.
“How the…”
Before John could finish a hand shot up out of the dirt and grabbed John’s gun out of his hand.
John rolled over to his knees and started to fight with the hand for his gun. But the hand had a firm grip.
John sensed the zombies moving in on him. He didn’t have time to reach for his other gun so he did it the old fashioned way – fought with his legs and fists. He kicked the first zombie away and then rolled back over. He went for the knees on the three zombies that were close enough to be kicked. It didn’t hurt the creatures but it moved them back enough to allow John to jump up. He turned left and swung with his right fist. The first zombie he hit, its entire face turned into mush. His hand went into the zombies face and head like he had punched wet mud. He could feel the warm ooze of the zombies blood and face running through his fingers and down his fist. He tried to pull his hand out and it was stuck. Two zombies from the right came in for the attack. John swung with his right fist like it was a hammer. He hit the first one in the side of the head and the zombie stepped back, dazed. The other zombie grabbed John’s arm and bit it. John watched as his flesh ripped from his skin like his arm was a piece of grilled chicken. He screamed and pulled with all his might on his left hand. It slowly came out of the zombies face. He punched the zombie that was chewing on his arm in the face and that one fell. John didn’t waste a breath – he took out his gun and started to shoot.
Two zombies approached Mystery.
John knew he didn’t have time to react and help the horse. All he could do was watch and wonder if this was going to be last time he’d see Mystery alive. Or worse yet, would Mystery turn into a zombie? A zombie horse.
Before John could contemplate the thought, a zombie jumped on his back. The creature wrapped its arms around John’s neck and began to thrash itself. The only thing John could do while he prepared his gun for fire was to wiggle his head back and forth, dodging the biting attempts from the zombie. When he had the hammer back on his gun he turned it around and shot the zombie in the face. The creature instantly let go and fell. John’s ear was ringing from the sound of the shot. When John looked up, he saw Mystery… kicking the zombies. The horse threw its back two legs out with enough force to launch the one zombie at least twenty yards. As another zombie approached from the front, Mystery swung its head and hit the flesh hungry thing in its leg. The zombie fell to its side and then Mystery unleashed a fury of stomps on the zombies head with its front legs. By the time the horse calmed down, the zombie was headless.
“Well done,” John whispered. He couldn’t believe he just watched a horse kill a zombie.
Something grabbed him by the neck. He lifted his gun but a zombie grabbed his wrist and squeezed with such might that he let go of the gun. He screamed as he watched it hit the sand. Then the hand sticking out of the ground that was already holding one of John’s guns started to shoot. They were random shots but one came close enough to Mystery that the horse moved away. John’s eyes met the horses and John nodded – he hoped Mystery understood there would be no hard feelings – Mystery was just a horse after all.
The hand holding the gun shot again. This time the bullet ripped through the back of John’s leg. He yelled and felt his left leg go numb. As he tried to fall, the zombie holding his neck got a tighter grip. John wished he were back in the mirages… he take a million clones of himself over this mess.
Another zombie grabbed John’s left arm. He was helpless. The zombies had grips tighter than he could fight out of. Not to mention the searing pain in his leg and the his head throbbing because of the tight lock the zombie had around his neck.
“Mystery,” John mumbled. “Mystery. Run.”
John felt his body slump. The zombies lowered him to the sand. The hand sticking out of the ground put the gun to John’s head.
Please shoot me, John thought to himself.
The last zombie walked up to John and looked down at him. Its flesh was cut in all different directions and its eyes were a putrid green color. Its hair was mostly missing, there was just a few straggly pieces sticking up. The zombie smiled and showed its full set of black teeth to John. It chomped a few times and then laughed. The other zombies holding John started to laugh too.
John threw his head to the left hitting the gun that was in the hand sticking out of the ground. He kept doing it, hoping the gun would go off and kill him.
It didn’t.
The zombie dropped to its knees and opened its mouth. The zombie moved in for the kill – then its head exploded. Chunks of its head sailed into the air and when it hit the sand, it sizzled before the sand absorbed it.
Then, one by one, the zombies heads exploded. Finally, the hand holding the gun exploded too. The sand absorbed the dead creatures and all that was left was John and his two guns. He looked to right and saw Mystery walking back over.
“How’d that-” John started to yell at Mystery when a shadow appeared over his head.
John reached for his gun but a foot stepped on it. He looked up and saw a person. A man. No, a boy. A young man… early teens. He stood over John smiling.
“Are you one of them?” John asked.
“No. I’m one of you.”
John put his hand out and the young man helped him up. John noticed the gun in his right hand.
“You’ve got a hell of a shot.”
The young man just nodded.
“When we get out of this place, I guess I owe you a beer or two for saving me,” John said.
“This place?” the young man asked. “This is just the beginning…”


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Jim Bronyaur writes mystery, thriller, and horror books. Grab a book at www.JimBronyaur.com Tweet him @JimBronyaur And for those who have Kindles and Prime, you may be able to get some of Jim's books for FREE!
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3 Responses to -XI-

  1. What a busy, busy post. Zombie-killing horse huh? I’ll take one please. 😀

    • Jim Bronyaur says:

      Come on now, how could I not have Mystery knock off a zombie or two? The horse has got too much personality to not be able to kill! 🙂

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