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Before anyone could answer, the hands of the watch moved in opposite directions.  The minute hand spun the right way, but the hour hand went the wrong way.  Each time the two hands touched each other, John felt a sharp pain in his head.  He also noticed that the Keeper of Souls winced her face and to his dismay, Athan started to weep.  Big tears, almost like raindrops, started to fall from the big man’s face.
               “This is no good,” the Keeper of Souls said.  “He cannot do this.  Not to us.”
               “But he is,” the Keeper of Minds said.
               “I didn’t believe it so much until now,” Athan said.
               John closed the watch.  “Why are we sitting here then?  Why aren’t we traveling?  Fighting?”
               “Because there is some to learn,” the Keeper of Minds said.  “I believe that he won’t cause too much trouble just yet.  He’s merely playing.  And probably looking for you John.”
               “Me?  Why me?”
               “To kill you,” Athan said.  “Maybe go back to when you were an infant.  Kill you then.”
               “I can feel it,” the Keeper of Souls said, “he’s not looking for John yet.”  She looked at the Keeper of Minds, “you are right, he’s playing.  He’s raising the dead.  Letting them feed.  Then killing them.”
               John noticed that the Keeper of Souls had tears in her eyes again.
               He couldn’t resist.  “Why are you crying?”
               She looked at him with eyes like daggers.
               “It’s okay,” the Keeper of Minds said, “it’s a valid question.  I believe John will benefit by knowing.”
               The Keeper of Souls nodded.  She took a long finger and wiped her eyes, then spoke.
               “My job sounds easier than it is.  I carry the souls of those who are traveling.  And by traveling, I mean one life to the next.  Those souls become a part of me, they keep me alive.  I need them as much as they need me.  Death is inevitable, death is healthy.  It’s part of everything.  From the leaf on a tree to a close loved one.
               See, the Keeper of Death and myself are closely related.  He prepares the soul for death and then I take the soul.  It’s a smooth process, when it works.  We spent a lot of time together, he bringing death and then myself taking the body.  Some believe that the Keeper of Death IS death, but that’s not true.  Death can be horrible but his job is to make it… I guess the word I want to use here is easy.
               Back to me however.  As I carry the souls, it allows me to grow stronger.  Wiser.  When a soul becomes a part of me, it cannot leave me.  It will only pain me, weaken me, as souls are brought back.”
               “Which is why you’re crying?” John asked.
               The Keeper of Souls nodded.
               “But I thought body and soul were different?”
               “They are,” the Keeper of Souls said, “but not all that much.  A body can’t move without soul.  And the soul is tried to rip from myself.”
               “So those zombies have souls?” John asked in disbelief.
               The Keeper of Souls nodded.
               “How?  They’re… creatures.”
               “A body can’t move without soul,” the Keeper of Souls repeated.  She waved a hand towards the Keeper of Minds and he took over the conversation.
               John watched as the Keeper of Souls seemed to go completely blank – no expression and no thought.


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3 Responses to -XIX-

  1. Gracie says:

    Nice. It’s been too long since I visited G&G. I forgot how surreal and wonderful it is. 🙂

    And very interesting, to have TWO death-figures instead of one. Great mythology going on. Quite original.

    Well done, Jim!

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